Classes and Programs

Rainbow Christian School delivers several different classes on a daily basis with Kindergarten, Prep, Grade one, Grade 2 and up to grade 8 for primary level.


The Kindergarten daily program consist of morning devotion (Bible story) lesson, teaching good manners and Character-building activities apart from learning ABC, Phonics and Number Lessons and fingering practice activities.



Rainbow Christian School preparatory (prep) is avaiable for children age 4 years or less. The pre-school is avaiable for children between the ages of 5 and 8

Grade 1 and 2

With our kindergarten, the children (or the students) are able or eligible to continue to grade one and grade two and later, they are progresses to prep or preschool then we bridge them to our primary classess.

Primary School - grade 3 to 8

Our primary classes starts from grade 3 up to grade 8. We deliver the similar curriculum as offered by other training and education service providers. Some of our students comes from our kindergarten and pre-school classess.


Rainbow Christian School introduced the e-learning module by establishing and setting up computer laps for primary level classsess (grade 6-8) to attend classes. This is part of our new approach in our academic programs.


Daily Requirements

Each child will be required to bring a healthy lunch pack for 10:00am and 12:00 lunch breaks. A school bag or equivalent, one change of clothes.  All personal items and clothing are marked clearly with the child’s name. Elementary students can wear footwear of their choice

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