Our Philosophy

We will gradually build your child’s ability to go into basic skills of writing, reading (Phonics) and numbers work using picture charts and video aided learning in readiness for Prep School and then into our elementary school and primary schools
Our Philosophy
When your child joins Rainbow Christian School, we aim to teach Biblical principles at an early age so that your child may know what is right from wrong. We are committed to laying a solid foundation for your child to become a responsible citizen in the future and to respect authority and live a purposeful life in God.

We hope to prepare your child to the best we can to transit from the life at home to school life, as smooth as possible through carefully structured plays and artwork and person to person interaction with other children. Purposeful play and games as well as excursions will help your children to learn life principles and develop their humanity. We would like to encourage regular contact between our teachers and parents and parents are encouraged to have an input or suggestion in the running of the school for the benefit of all stakeholders. We would like to organize parents meeting on a regular basis for such discussions.